Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nannies Afternoon Tea.

Right, so by now, you should all know that I have six beautiful children.
Fitting everything into each day can sometimes be difficult for me. I am up most mornings at 6am and since setting up this Blog, have been staying up well past my normal bedtime.
Being a busy mum includes on a daily basis, doing the school run, getting through an inordinate amount of laundry, lunches, dinners, bottles, baths, nappies, swimming lessons, play dates, homework, reading books, bedtime stories, hugs, kisses and not forgetting that I also work full time from home too.
A lot, yes it is. Am I complaining, not at all. (Well sometimes, but only to the hubby when I am in a sulk)
In actual fact I am mentioning all of these things to you because there is a reason that I actually do get through each and every day.      
The Nannies. I am not talking about hired help. I am talking about my lovely Mother and my fabulous Mother in law.  As corny as it may seem, my Mum is truly my best friend. I love her in so many different ways. She is ALWAYS there for me as is my Mother in Law, who I am very very glad to have been blessed with. Both of these fabulous ladies help me out a great deal with my Kids.

So this was when I had An Amy Atlas moment.

I decided to spoil them a bit. I set up this Afternoon Tea for them in my Adult sitting room (Adult as opposed to the kids living room).
It had the English classics, Earl Grey Tea, served in Vintage china cups. A home baked Victoria sponge with British strawberries and Cream and they also had mini Scones, with clotted cream and butter. ( I forgot to photograph them)

So here it is Nannies Afternoon Tea, my Amy Atlas Moment.







Hope you liked it, The Nannies sure did xx


  1. oh wow this is lovely- & a brill idea.

  2. Hello Friends,

    This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. Nannies can prepare and serve breakfast, lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea and dinner for the children as needed. Thanks a lot.

  3. I love it! Love the stencil on your cake. Lovely.

  4. Que belleza de presentacion. Las tazas son maravillosas y elegantes. Me encanta el toque antiguo. El bizcocho se ve delicioso.